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Selecting someone dependable to look after your finances is one of the most important decisions you can make. This is why our first meeting will be to discuss and gain an understanding of your needs and objectives. You will be under no obligation to take this further as this is a free consultation although we hope the discussion will highlight the benefits of continuing with our services.


We have a wide variety of customers that all have different types of financial needs and wants. This is why our service is completely custom to your individual needs. Our advice is offered on a completely independent basis using a range of products from the whole market; ensuring we provide a much more personal and comfortable experience in what can seem an overwhelming time. 




Over time you will grow as a person and so your personal circumstances will change. This is why our ongoing support is critical to ensure that we are always available to you, and keeping up with your life changes, whilst we also continue to keep your financial interests securely managed.



Based in Blackwood and Bridgend, South Wales, Bridgewood Independent Financial Advice offers fully independent advice to its existing and new clients.

We believe it is important to understand your individual needs by taking the time to get to know you. We can then offer you specialist financial advice, tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


We understand that speaking to a financial adviser can be quite daunting. This is why we offer an honest and professional service explained to you in plain English, which will earn your trust in us both now and for the future.


Taking the first step is the hardest, we've made this easier for you. Just fill in our short contact form below and we will contact you back to with a no obligation discussion.

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Your personal data will remain confidential and will not be passed to any company outside our firm without your permission being obtained, unless the information is required by law. For further details on how we handle your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.